5 tips to use this holiday season to fulfill one of your biggest human needs


With the holidays right around the corner and the year coming to a close, how are you feeling right now, energized or overwhelmed?

The hype of the season can add an additional layer of stress and sometimes emotional ups and downs, but here’s the good news….

Research shows that the holidays open up opportunities to connect or reconnect with friends & family (and others), and these connections help you fulfill one of your biggest human needs!

The human need I’m talking about is a sense of belonging. This need is deeply rooted and strongly influences your mental and physical well-being. When you connect at a quality level with friends, family, co-workers or anyone in your circle (sometimes it happens with strangers!), you feel a true sense of belonging.

Naturally, our lives are weaved in and around each other to create this tapestry we call life. Even if there are times you feel alone or separate, this “connection or oneness” is there and is quite essential to your happiness and well-being.

Scientists have revealed that fulfilling our sense of belonging with quality connections offers these benefits…

  • strengthened relationships
  • increased positive psychological states
  • promoted sense of self
  • boosted immune system
  • reduced stress
  • enhanced coping
  • improved mindset

Who wouldn’t want those?

During this season, you have the opportunity to spend time and deeply connect with your friends, family, co-workers or anyone in your circle of peeps.

Here are 5 tips to connect with others in a quality way:

TIP 1: See and embrace each person

No one wants to be invisible! Each one of us matters and has great significance. At our core, one of our biggest needs is to feel accepted and noticed, despite all of our so-called faults or weaknesses.

DO THIS: Really ‘see’ other people’s significance and accept them exactly as they are. Yes, that means the full package, not only bits and pieces that work for you.

TIP 2: Be present and give your undivided attention

When you are fully present and give someone your undivided attention, you are making a deeper, more mindful connection. In studies performed by Neuroscientists, they found that by listening attentively to someone, you can help to calm their brain and reduce their stress. How cool? I love learning stuff like that! But even cooler, putting it into play.

DO THIS: Listen intently and give your full attention  by talking less, refraining from advice giving, limiting interruptions and not hurrying the conversation.

TIP 3: Value, treasure and appreciate

Let others know how thankful you are to have them in your life. The more you appreciate others, the more meaning, love and happiness you will have along your journey. Value all they have to offer. Treasure their qualities.

DO THIS: Thank others for their special qualities. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. Get specific such as, “Thank you for cooking all this yummy food—you are a great cook” or “Thank you for being a supportive friend, you mean the world to me.” or “Thank you for all of your hard work, your attention to detail is really needed”.

TIP 4: Laugh together

Laughter is proven to strengthen connection, but also has many additional benefits. Scientific research reveals that a good dose of laughter also releases tension, improves immune function and brightens moods.

DO THIS: What makes you laugh? Is it watching a good comedy, telling jokes, sharing funny experiences or having a fun party with music and good food? Whatever it is, find it and do it often.

TIP 5: Get affectionate

Ok, some people aren’t ‘touchy feely’ people, but did you know that a loving touch of affection helps with personal connections, our happiness and health? It releases natural mood elevating and pain-relieving chemicals throughout the body, which creates a calming effect and promotes feelings of comfort, peace and safety. Affection speaks big volumes, especially with those you care about in your inner circle.

DO THIS: Reach out and give someone a hug. It’s simple and rewarding for all parties involved.

You might be saying, ‘Duh, these are obvious’, but most people don’t actually do these things on a regular basis. But hopefully the incentives listed here will give you more reasons to get out there during the holidays and connect. Your happiness and health meters will greatly appreciate it.

Lastly, I’d like to take this time to say thank you for crossing my path. Each person I have come in contact with through this work has meant so much to me. Whether it’s signing up for one of my freebies, visiting my site for support & resources or working directly with me through my coaching or get-away retreats, you greatly matter to me and I am grateful for you. I hope you are getting out there and shining bright in the world. 

Happy Holidays. Here’s to loving life, living well and learning more.

Cyber hug,


P.S. As always, feel free to forward and share or send to someone who you feel might benefit!

And if you feel inclined, post a note to me below and share which tip(s) you’d like to start doing more. I’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses to 5 tips to use this holiday season to fulfill one of your biggest human needs

  1. My growing Connection to my Higher Power (God) radiates out through my life to anyone near enough to see my Joyous Smile. I can feel the Loving and Creative affect it has on folks, which in turn generates palpable Energy in my Soul and throughout my being. I can often feel it in every cell of my body as I Breathe it in and it washes over me.
    . Thanks for the loving contact Kellie!!

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