Business Evolution is for you if...

+ You are ready to make an impact in the world

+ You are an Entrepreneur who wants to create, reinvent or transform a business you love

+ You want a body of work that is aligned with who you are

+ You see the value in leaders becoming trailblazers...and want to be a part of it

People I've worked with have...

+ Tripled their income---working with their greatest strengths and their biggest intentions

+ Created a body of work and career they love---and told the job they couldn't stand good-bye

+ Learned how to balance happiness and wellness---while still making their mark in the world

+ Turned ordinary leadership into a pursuit that's meaningful and impactful

+ Gone from sick and tired to energetic, engaged and full of life

+ Moved to a new city to pursue their potential 

+ Gained the confidence (and created the money!) to go back to school

If you're ready to have these types of results, then let's make it happen.

Are you an Entrepreneur looking to take your business to another level?

As an Entrepreneur, there's a constant nudge...pushing you up against your comfort zones and stretching you forward toward more potential and new opportunities.

Do you stand upon the edge, wondering how to move forward or not sure of what's next? 

Are you armed and ready with the confidence and strategies to take your business up a notch?

The Entrepreneur Edge Program is customized to meet your business wants and needs. 

Together, we dig into my Entrepreneur Edge Formula which covers items such as:

+ The template for uncovering your powerful business mission

+ Strategies for igniting innovation and expansion 

+ How to focus and manage your days for optimal productivity, resilience and perseverance

+ How to get raving clients and positive feedback about your services and/or products

+ How to create space to process and plan critical aspects of your business and more

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Work Shmerk. Do you dread Mondays and want a way out?

Maybe you have your eye on a new career, but need support transitioning. Perhaps, you know it’s time for something different, but not sure what.

Now is the time to gain clarity, devise a plan and boost your career right out of the park.

The Career Boost sessions are customized to give you personalized guidance, tools and strategies to create a body of work that fires you up, provides the freedom you crave and fulfills your purpose.

We cover my unique Career Breakthrough System which includes powerful notions such as:

+ Uncovering your unique Art + Science so you can align your career with who you are

+ The empowering mindset and skills needed to break through obstacles

+ The magic behind loving Mondays (yes, that's possible)

+ The must-have techniques to gain confidence, inspiration and motivation to go after the career you want

+ The key principles for shaping your potential and increasing opportunities 

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Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another." ~ John C. Maxwell

Leaders inspire goodness, action and adaptability in an ever-changing world. However, leaders require a clear vision, support, empowerment and freedom to make it happen.

As an impactful Leader, you first have to lead yourself. And as you shift what is valued, what is cared about and committed to, and the context for taking effective action, you become a leader that leaves a legend. You become a history maker taking care of our world and future together.

We use my 7 Elements of a Trailblazing Leader Blueprint which covers powerful notions such as:

+ Alignment of a leader's Art + Science with the company’s mission

+ The key recipe for leading a purposeful culture

+ The essential elements that ensures authentic success

+ How to create functional independence + autonomy within your workplace

+ The secret to getting to know people you lead and why that's so crucial 

+ Strategies for work satisfaction + work/life balance

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How it Works

My Intention

+ My intention is to make your experience and investment in yourself and/or business as easy, enjoyable and valuable as possible...while getting maximum results.

The Timeframe

+ The Business Evolution programs have customized timeframes
to meet your intentions and desired outcomes.  

Working Together

+ We meet either by phone, Skype or in-person, depending on the arrangement. During our time together, we dive deep creating the change, expansion and results you want. 

Support + Guidance

+ You receive customized action plans filled with strategies, tools and resources to guide your intentions and chart your course. In between session, I provide the necessary support you need to keep your career or business in motion.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds!

Results others have experienced...

Kellie Jetter | Personal + Business Evolution
"If any of you fellow soulpreneurs out there need support in moving your business to the next level, give Kellie a shout. This is something she does amazingly well and she helped me on so many levels with my business! She pushed me to explore my "why" more deeply and encouraged me to be my authentic self in my business.  I was able to level up my business with a new website and all. Thank you Kellie!"