In the tapestry of life, we are all connected. Each of us is a gift to those around us, helping each other to be who we are, weaving a perfect picture together." ~ Anita Moorjani

Kellie Jetter, CSC, CPLR


Interviews, Guest Posts + Speaking Engagements

I love doing interviews, guest posts and speaking engagements. I enjoy connecting and learning from people who are on a mission to live on purpose and make the world a better place. If you have an interest connecting with me in one of these ways, send me a note using the link below and we'll chat about next steps. I book these out in advance, so please allow time to schedule these.


I’d love to chat with you if you think you have a product or topic that would fit well with The Art + Science of a Meaningful Life™. Ideally, you’re familiar with my purpose, mission, philosophies and what the Art + Science tribe might love. Send me a note using the link below. Include as many details as possible and I'll get back to you.

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