What to do if you don’t have enough time.

“I don’t have enough time.”

Think about those 5 words. How many times a day or week do you say them?

Have you ever noticed that the most successful, accomplished (and busiest) people rarely say those words?


—Because they understand that those five words stomp down your dreams and slow down your pace.

—Because they understand it’s necessary to have a clear strategy and they execute on it continuously.

—Because they don’t get sucked into things that keep them distracted and off track from getting what they really want.

Here I share with you 6 key strategies that will help you reach your dreams, get things accomplished and feel like you have enough time to get it all done.

These are the exact strategies that have worked magic for me, and for people I’ve coached who were over-worked, overwhelmed and over-stressed and are now rocking it!

6 key strategies that will help you get out of the “I don’t have enough time” time-warp:

Strategy #1: Say good-bye to the excuse.

Saying you are “really busy” or that you “don’t have enough time” is actually one of the most common excuses and blocks that hold people back from reaching their dreams and getting things done.

Stop giving yourself a reason why you can’t get stuff done and instead affirm that you will.

Say this instead: “As I create a plan, organize and reset priorities in my schedule, I create freedom to get more done. With patience and persistence, I will create more results.”

Strategy #2: Don’t skip this! ➾ Create a plan ( and include only what you really, really want).

Going through your days and weeks without a clear plan is like sailing a ship without a rudder. Whaaaat!? That’s crazy! You’ll move through your day aimlessly…all over the place, without clear navigation, bumping around, and you may not even end up at your preferred destination. Creating a plan navigates you towards your particular targets. This saves you time and frustration and keeps you on track.

Strategy #3: Get picky and set worthy goals to pursue.

Once you have a plan, get picky, and set worthy goals that align with your values, purpose and desires—and leave everything else out!

Extra Tip: learn to say no to those things that don’t align.

Then, identify the reasons WHY your goals are worthy of your time and pursue the heck out of them. Setting worthy goals and pursuing them will cut out wasted time working on things that don’t matter, and bonus…your days will be more fulfilling and rewarding.

Strategy #4: Turn your goals into small stepping stones that you can schedule and complete.

Break down each goal into smaller stepping stones so they are easily attainable. Set priorities and schedule each stepping stone task into a calendar. LITERALLY, put your tasks into a calendar—on your phone, on a white board or write it into your day planner, etc. I’m curious who still uses the paper method, anyone… anyone…BUELLER?? Ok, maybe you didn’t see that movie. I digressed. Whatever method works for you, do THAT.

If you aren’t scheduling, then it’s likely it will stay floating out in space. Follow your schedule! It SPEEDS up your progress.

Extra tip…schedule your highest priorities at the beginning of the week and beginning of your day. This helps you knock out the important stuff first while you have the most go-go juice.

Strategy #5: Get a grip on your time!

Unless spending hours in your email, getting sucked into Pinterest, FaceBook & Instagram or watching excessive amounts of TV are part of your worthy goals, you can replace that time with something from your plan. Even if you swapped out only 1 hour a day (email time alone can be managed down!), that’s 5 hours in a work-week, 20 hours a month. What if it were 2 hours a day….that’s 40 hours! You can do a lot with 40 hours!

Strategy #6: Establish a ritual to adjust your plan and celebrate your accomplishments.

At the beginning of each week, take a look at your overall plan. Do it before you start any of your weekly tasks, and especially before you check email. If this means spending an hour Sunday night then so be it. Make it something you look forward to. Put on your favorite music. Get away from distractions and realign from last week and begin again.

Know your daily plan before your day begins. Reward yourself. Psychologists found that if we focus on what’ve we’ve accomplished, it inspires us to continue the momentum and get more done. Create an ‘accomplished list’ along side of your to-do list and celebrate.

Why do these strategies work?

+ These work because you have meaningful goals out of your head and you’ve built them into an actionable plan.

+ These work because your plan guides you to know where you are, where you’re headed and how to get there, which helps you waste less time by cutting out the things that don’t matter AND helps you create more freedom and time to use as you please.

+ These work because you are setting strong intentions and actively charging ahead.

+ These work because they create more peace and confidence along the way.

How many of these strategies are you doing? One, all, none? Now’s your time to tighten up your system!

Carve out some time this week or weekend and put these key strategies into play. There are many more strategies that can help you, but these 5 are an amazing place to start and will produce immediate results!

If you’re thinking, “But Kellie, I don’t have enough time to put these into action!” then consider this:

We all have the same amount of hours in a day! If others with a full life can do it, so can you. The key is to carve out the time. Trust me, it’s a worthy goal in itself. Ask yourself what’s really holding you back.

These strategies have helped thousands of successful people reach their ultimate goals every day without feeling stretched for time, overwhelmed or stressed out. You can do it. I’m cheering you on!

If you feel stuck in getting your strategies started, ask a friend or someone to have a planning session and do it together.

If you would like my support in getting started or you are ready to take your vision/plan to next level, click HERE for a FREE session with me!

I hope this has supported you in expanding your time, so you have more time to be YOU and live a truly meaningful life.


P.S. If there is someone you know who could benefit from these strategies, share this post with them! It’s a simple way to support one another.

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